We help guide triathletes in their 30s and 40s on their Ironman Journey.


Most of our clients have young families and busy jobs so there is a heavy focus on maximising training time.


We use technology to set training zones, monitor training load and intensity.


We train smart to maximise your time so you crush it on race day.

  • Programmes

    No matter if your a seasoned Ironman or a beginner preparing for your first sprint tri, with Connect to Perform Coaching you can conquer any challenge

  • Swim Analysis


    Need Stroke Correction, Looking to PB your swim, or perhaps swim the English Channel? We have the expertise to help you with all of the above...

  • C2P's Powehouse

    The C2P Power House offers group and team indoor cycling, triathlon, and sport specific strength training. 

  • Performance Testing

    Performance is not random. It can be broken down into a very small number of fundamental components. Our Metabolic and Physiological Testing identifies these components and nothing is left to chance.


Nick Friel

The great thing about C2P is they looked at how I live and operate and designed my programme around this in order to give me a work, life and training balance and now that I look back, this was well and truly delivered.

They put the personal touch into everything they did for me.

Martina Madden

Philip and Charlie devised a program that suited my needs (I am a working mother who works shift and week-ends). Each week, I was given a program that fitted around my family life. They monitored my training on a daily basis and both were on the end of the phone any time I had an issue or needed a bit of support or advice

“The RACE was EASY, I had TRAINED HARD “ - Just what CONNECT TO PERFORM had promised!!

David Troy

For me personally, Connect to Perform was a crucial part of my training. The fact that I could pick up the phone and reach out for support at any time really helped me achieve my training goals and gave me the knowledge which prevented me from getting injured during my training and my Ironman.

I will always be grateful for you helping me achieve something that I thought might be impossible...getting over that finishing line and hearing them words ‘David Troy, you are an Ironman’

Miriam Staunton

I started working with C2P to help put structure and discipline into my training for Ironman Austria.  With a programme tailored to my timetable meant I got a 30min pb in my ironman marathon and smashed my previous best ironman time by 45mins. 


For me the structure and discipline of having a plan to work to, works best for me.


I’ve a very busy schedule with full time job and 3 kids but find the structure makes me much more likely to hit all training sessions. Philly is extremely easy to work with and always on hand to tweak program as needed and explain the purpose of the session, this works well despite the fact that I am not based in Athlone so can’t make most of the group sessions.


For me, I find the approach great, it’s relaxed and approachable but the structure and discipline is underneath



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