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Personal coaching tailored to work around family, work and lifestyle commitments.

Constraint 1

You are busy with the demands of life: Work, Family and Other Commitments. Time is a limiting factor.

You only have a certain amount of time to train and you cannot afford to waste any of it.

Constraint 2

When you have time to train you just swim continuously, get on the bike and pedal without thought and every run just ticks a box.

Which ends up in no fitness gains and leaves you frustrated.

Constraint 3

There is a lot of training information out there and it is hard to decide will work best.

This leads to junk miles without structure, guidance and accountability.

Personalised training plan designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Every athlete is individual and may start with a different focus. We believe in listening to the athlete, learning from their previous training and race experience, understanding their needs, their goals and their constraints.

  • Maximise your training time

  • You know what and why you are doing certain sessions

  • Training is designed specifically for triathletes...not just a mesh mash of programmes for swimmers, cyclists and runners. The "3 sessions of each" attitude to planning a programme is not sufficient.

ConnectToPerform | Training Plan
100% Personalised

Your training plan is tailored to you based on your goals and available time to train.

Flexible Programming

Occasionally something pops up unexpected and things need to change. You plan will give you’re the flexibility to do this

Athlete Centered

Training is monitored through written feedback and data files from training. We analyse this data to make informed training decisions based on your feedback.






  • First time 70.3

  • First Full Ironman

  • Improve performance

  • Improve 70.3 times

  • Improve Ironman times

  • Endurance cyclists

  • Want to achieve those PBs


“For me personally, Connect to Perform was a crucial part of my training. The fact that I could pick up the phone and reach out for support at any time really helped me achieve my training goals and gave me the knowledge which prevented me from getting injured during my training and my Ironman.

I will always be grateful for you helping me achieve something that I thought might be impossible...getting over that finishing line and hearing them words ‘David Troy, you are an Ironman”


David Troy


1. Apply for coaching

  • We want to make sure we are the right fit

2. Book a consultation

  • This gives us a chance to learn a bit more about you

  • We uncover your goals

  • Understand more of your training background

3. Fill out a detailed questionnaire

  • This is so that we leave no stone unturned

  • We will follow up with any other information we may need

  • Review your previous training log

4. Design your personal training plan

  • We build your programme based off your questionnaire and feedback

  • We provide you with your Annual Training Plan

  • We agree on the plan

  • We get you set up on Training Peaks

5. We upload your training to Training Peaks

  • Training Peaks is free with your coaching

  • This can be accessed via app or desktop

  • You familiarise yourself with the plan

6. Training stars and we guide you on your journey

  • In the early stages we do some benchmark testing to set training zones

  • You provide us feedback at any stage

  • We answer any questions you may have

Let's Talk

Messages are answered within 48hrs. You can also contact me directly on this email:


Thank you for submitting!

Why Me?

I understand there are cheaper coaching options. There is plenty of information and books out there that provide you with all the information you need to design your own training plan. But if you want a reason to work with me I’ll give your 3:


You won’t have headaches or left scratching your head because you don’t fully understand what you are meant to do. I will provide you with clear instructions and if you still are not sure you can contact me to find out


I have been working with athletes since 2013 and I am continuously improving my knowledge and upskilling so that I am current in all the latest in sports science


I make sure that every session is tailored 100% to you and that the right training is in front of you exactly when you need it

ConnectToPerform | Philip Hayes

Hey I’m Philip Hayes

In a previous life I was an unhappy academic and economic consultant for one of the big 4, I also weighed 90kg.

Needing a drastic change, I entered my first triathlon and haven’t looked back.

Today, I help triathletes in their 30s and 40s navigate their Ironman Journey.

My coaching philosophy centres around the athlete. I ensure that every training programme is tailored to work around family, work and lifestyle commitments.

I believe that in order to achieve the best results athletes should train efficiently. That is why I use technology to set training zones, monitor training load and intensity. We train smart so you crush it on race day.

I have been in your shoes and I am here to help you every step of your Ironman Journey

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