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At Connect to Perform we have a firm understanding of all the elements that are necessary to help you improve on the bike. Developing essential bike skills and strength are at the core of our programmes. We also recognise the importance of a proper bike fit and nutrition strategy in keeping you injury free and delivering your best performance come race day.

Our bike programmes include a mix of goal focussed outdoor sessions and indoor power based training or specific interval based sessions. Our coaches have seen and experienced first-hand the performance gains possible from the correct combination of these session types and take a scientific approach to ensure that cycling performance is optimized.


Through the use of Functional Threshold Power and Lactate Threshold testing we keep track of our athlete’s aerobic fitness and reset training zones at regular intervals throughout the programme.


Each programme is personally tailored to make every single pedal stroke count towards improving your cycling economy, power and speed.


  • Our cycling programme is ideal for:

  • Athletes looking to compete in sportives and charity cycles;

  • Athletes looking to improve their athletic performance and add structure to their training;

  • Athletes who race competitively and want a detailed review of their current training and a programme that will help them achieve their goals and perform in races.

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