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our vision

The real value in coaching is achieved when the coach understands the individual athlete, appreciates their strengths and recognises their limitations. From this understanding a relationship between coach and athlete begins, trust grows and a connection is formed.



Our vision is to build a team of coaches and support services dedicated to inspire, motivate and empower athletes to achieve their goals. As coaches, we strive to create a knowledge sharing environment that facilitates individuals to learn and grow from an athletic perspective but also on a personal level too. We are passionate about coaching, we want to be deeply involved - we don't apologise for that - it's what makes us tick!


Performance is important to us, but so is connecting athletes with other athletes. We want to create a unique athlete community where athlete's come to train together, share ideas and experiences, race together, support each other and develop long lasting friendships. We truly believe that by connecting athletes in this way that performance will flourish. It is an important part of our training philosophy. It's also very social....and we like that!


Connect to Perform provides a platform for athletes to access experienced specialist coaches and supportive services such as performance testing, physios, nutritionists and related professionals, giving you the best possible opportunity to perform to your full potential - and we like that a lot too!


Our Triathlon Coaching programmes are based around our core philosophy of forming connections to maximise performance. The training programmes are designed specifically for triathletes...they are not just a mesh mash of programmes for swimmers, cyclists and runners.



Run training is where the majority of athletes fall into the trap of clocking up junk miles. Junk miles are performed in the wrong training zones and at the incorrect intensity. We aim to cut out junk miles and achieve this through regular testing and benchmarking to set the proper pacing and heart rate training zones.



We firmly believe that no matter what your level of swimming ability we can help you become even more efficient in the water. Our coaches specialise in analysing and correcting swim technique through the use of underwater cameras and an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of Front Crawl.



Our bike programmes include a mix of goal focussed outdoor sessions and indoor power based training or specific interval based sessions. Our coaches have seen the performance gains possible from the correct combination of these sessions and take a scientific approach to ensure improved cycling performance.

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