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“The great thing about C2P is they looked at how I live and operate and designed my programme around this in order to give me a work, life and training balance and now that I look back, this was well and truly delivered”

Nick Friel

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Heading 2


Hey I’m Philip Hayes

In a previous life I was an unhappy academic and economic consultant for KPMG, I also weighed 90kg.


Needing a drastic change, I entered my first triathlon and haven’t looked back.

Today, I help triathletes in their 30s and 40s navigate their Ironman Journey.


My coaching philosophy centres around the athlete. I ensure that every training programme is tailored to work around family, work and lifestyle commitments.


I believe that in order to achieve the best results athletes should train efficiently. That is why I use technology to set training zones, monitor training load and intensity. We train smart so you crush it on race day.

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