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Customised plans are cost effective personal training for the self-reliant athlete.

Constraint 1

You are busy with the demands of life: Work, Family and Other Commitments. Time is a limiting factor.

You only have a certain amount of time to train and you cannot afford to waste any of it.

Constraint 2

When you have time to train you just swim continuously, get on the bike and pedal without thought and every run just ticks a box.

Which ends up in no fitness gains and leaves you frustrated.

Constraint 3

There is a lot of training information out there and it is hard to decide will work best.

This leads to junk miles without structure, guidance and accountability.

Custom plans are designed for the self motivates athlete. We work with you so your plan fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Every athlete is individual and may start with a different focus. We believe in listening to the athlete, learning from their previous training and race experience, understanding their needs, their goals and their constraints.

  • Maximise your training time

  • You know what and why you are doing certain sessions

  • 8 week custom plan is delivered through Training Peaks

ConnectToPerform | Custom Training Plan
100% Personalised

Your training plan is designed in consultation with you. 

Fixed Programming

Your Custom Plan is delivered in 8 week blocks. Delivered in Training Peaks.