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Our approach

Connect to Perform is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals. Our training programmes are 100% tailored to you and take into account your day to day activities, work and family commitments. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every programme is balanced and maximises your ability to achieve results.

  • All our coaching programmes are based around our core philosophy of forming connections to maximise performance. We believe in listening to the athlete, learning from their previous training and race experience, understanding their needs, their goals and their constraints. Only then will we design a programme that is unique to the individual and includes often forgotten elements such as race strategy, nutrition, strength and conditioning;

  • We believe in quality training sessions which are goal focussed. We value your time and want to help you use it efficiently eliminating junk training to maximise performance;

  • Connect to Perform place a major emphasis on performance testing. It sets a benchmark for monitoring progression and measuring improvement over time. It motivates athletes and allows our coaches to adapt and improve training programmes;

  • Our approach to coaching is scientific and we employ the latest in technology to quantify and record training performance. Through the use of TrainingPeaks we use an athlete's data not only to measure performance but also to monitor training stress factors and ensure adequate recovery. Scientific principles and technology are used to our mutual benefit but this is always athlete centric...there is no one size fits all;

  • Connecting our athletes with like-minded training partners chasing similar goals is an essential part of our coaching philosophy. We encourage our athletes to train together where appropriate, feeding off each other and working together to drive performance;

  • As Coaches we thrive on working with others who share our passion for swimming, cycling and running. Forming relationships with specialist coaches and related professionals allows us offer our athletes a fully integrated service and benefit from a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Our approach:swim

At Connect to Perform we firmly believe that no matter what your level of swimming ability we can help you become even more efficient in the water. Our coaches specialise in analysing and correcting swim technique and have vast experience in this area.


Through the use of underwater cameras and an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of Front Crawl they have empowered athletes to complete their first 200m openwater swim, to become an Ironman, to become the first person in history to swim all 32km of Lough Ree and to become members of a select group that have swam the English channel.

Through this experience, they have developed an understanding of the issues that surround openwater swimming: the fear of a nervous swimmer; the problems that successful pool swimmers may face in performing outdoors; the different skills and techniques that are required to cope with the varying elements (wind, tides, waves, etc).

Our swim coaches take the mystery out of swimming, they will help you break down your stroke and focus on areas that can deliver increased efficiency. Then they will help you rebuild it again and through controlled training sessions and regular testing they will ensure that you get a feel for your optimum pacing in the water. The key to a great swim is efficiency and control.

Our approach:Bike

At Connect to Perform we have a firm understanding of all the elements that are necessary to help you improve your cycling performance. Developing essential bike skills and strength are at the core of our programmes. We also recognise the importance of a proper bike fit and nutrition strategy in keeping you injury free and delivering your best performance come race day.


Our bike programmes include a mix of goal focussed outdoor sessions and indoor power based training or specific interval based sessions. Our coaches have seen and experienced first-hand the performance gains possible from the correct combination of these session types and take a scientific approach to ensure that cycling performance is optimised.

Through the use of Functional Threshold Power and Lactate Threshold testing we keep track of the athlete’s aerobic fitness and reset training zones at regular intervals throughout the programme.

Each programme is personally tailored to make every single pedal stroke count towards improving your cycling economy, power and speed.

Our approach:Run

At Connect to Perform we start by considering run technique, form and economy. We then consider the athletes training and race history.


Run training is where the majority of athletes fall into the trap of clocking up junk miles with no specific goal in mind. These miles are performed in the wrong training zones and at the incorrect intensity and are one of the biggest culprits for causing a plateauing effect in your run and increasing the risk of injury.

We aim to cut out junk miles and achieve this through regular testing and benchmarking to set the proper pacing and heart rate training zones. Based on these zones we create and develop structured run sessions outlying the duration and intensity of all your runs.


Recognising the difference between training for a stand alone run event and a Triathlon run, we include in the mix specifically designed multi discipline sessions to replicate race situations and feel. Tried and trusted techniques are used to help you improve your running performance and achieve that PB.

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