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The aim is to provide like-minded Cyclist’s, Triathletes and Runners a platform to improve performance by increasing resilience, reduce injury allowing you to train more.

Too often we see athletes go to the gym and lifting weights that are:

  • too heavy for them

  • lift with poor form and posture

  • don’t have the mobility or range of movement for the exercise, and

  • follow a programme that is not sport specific

We want to change that. With strict attention to form, we combine exercises to stretch and strengthen the entire body using resistance bands, body weight, barbells and free weights

With this format of programming you can expect to improve

  • overall strength

  • muscle tone

  • increase your power

  • have more energy


With a detailed programme aimed specifically at the needs for your sport we want to help you

  • climb those hills quicker and not be out of breath at the top

  • improve your core

  • increase power

  • improve technique

  • increase mobility &

  • reduce injury

We also understand that athletes need a little flexibility in their lives, so we have designed a number of options for you.

Combine indoor power based cycling with an integrated S&C programme. All sessions are completed under the watchful eye of a coach giving feedback. Pick from a number of timetabled sessions

Only interested in S&C sessions? That is no problem. Speak to us about how we can help


Indoor Cycling

An instructor led cycling session.


This programming will be periodized for performance improvement through individualized workouts.


During the winter classes will take place indoors using your bicycle on a Computrainer Lab edition trainer.


We will also offer outdoor training rides in the summer.


Strength & Mobility

Instructor-led classes designed to improve your strength and mobility.


Over time, strength training will enhance your performance on the bike, and contribute to general well-being in other aspects your life.

Powerhouse Schedule

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