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At Connect to Perform we start by considering run technique, form and economy. We then consider the athletes training and race history. Run training is where the majority of athletes fall into the trap of clocking up junk miles with no specific goal in mind. These miles are performed in the wrong training zones and at the incorrect intensity and are one of the biggest culprits for causing a plateauing effect in your run and increasing the risk of injury.


We aim to cut out junk miles and achieve this through regular testing and benchmarking to set the proper pacing and heart rate training zones. Based on these zones we create and develop structured run sessions outlying the duration and intensity of all your runs.

Recognising the difference between training for a stand alone run event and a Triathlon run, we include in the mix specifically designed multi discipline sessions to replicate race situations and feel.

Tried and trusted techniques are used to help you improve your running performance and achieve that PB.


  • Our run programme is ideal for:

  • Athletes looking to compete in their first 5k, 10k, half and full marathons;

  • Athletes looking to go from couch to run;

  • Experinced and seasoned runners looking to improve their performance with a structured tailored programme.

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