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Zone 2 Training: What's the Big Deal?

Why Zone 2?

Nearly all athletes training towards a specific goal follow some form of structured training.

Training is spread out using easy and hard sessions. The intensity of these sessions tends to be prescribed using training zones.

Everyone loves a good hard training session. You know the sessions when your lungs are bursting, and legs are screaming stop.

But the most important interval that we fall down on is our Zone 2 interval.

Why? It can feel too easy and that means we didn’t do any work right? Wrong.

The purpose of training zones is to elicit a specific physiological and metabolic adaption.

Spending time in any training zone elicits these adaptions by varying intensity. We use different training zones to target a desired adaption in training.

Let us peak behind training zones and get a basic understanding of what is happening:

  1. At the cellular level: how cells transform energy (Bioenergetics)